I-CAC establishes a quality reference-control for professionals in the art world.
Calculated based on fundamental criteria, the valuation index allows to establish a qualitative reference for the whole entire profession.
A word from the artist:

valuation Vuillaume Nadia
cote de nadia vuillaume sur le site I-CAC

If, for the artist, the valuation is not an end in itself, it does reassure the future buyer. The certification works as a reference of quality and savoir-faire for professionals in the art world.

Warning! This valuation cannot be regarded as absolute mathematics, but only as an indication. Indeed, the artist dedicates almost just as much time for some smaller paintings as for bigger ones.

This information is meant, before anything else, for an audience in need of a line of reference in order to understand the given price of artwork. In no means can it be a base for calculation.
I personally wish that it would allow to dissipate one’s hesitation to contact the artist and that it opens the dialogue with the future buyer.

So please do not hesitate to contact me. I will always be happy to chat with you regardless of whether a sale is concluded!