Acquiring a Work of Art

Word from the artist:

Acquiring a work of art is like entering the artist’s den. It is taking a little bit of his/her soul with oneself. It is a personal choice, an intellectual pleasure, and an aesthetic satisfaction altogether.

Look after look, the original work reveals the time spent on its conception, the steps towards its making, the artist’s moments of doubt.
In front of the original work, one can feel the artist’s repeated gestures in making it.
Buying original artwork is prolonging this state, owning the artist’s signature, creating bonds between the artist and oneself. It is encouraging and supporting the art.

In addition to the capital gain, paying less taxes or being able to pass down property to your heirs, by buying an original work of art, you become a sponsor, you support the artist in pursuing his/her approach, you contribute to culture.

The artwork is a pictorial representation that opens the door to dreams and interpretations. It generates sensibility, love, dialogue and poetry. It is source of pleasure.

Nadia Vuillaume