To the Gallery

This virtual gallery of my work came to life from my desire to give access to my pictorial representation to the largest audience possible, sweeping frontiers away and going past the oceans. Like any online gallery, it is meant to democratize art, to make it known in spheres not related to the artistic world.

Following the example of the website, the artwork is presented by theme and in chronological order.
The virtual gallery gives a global view of my artistic production and thus allows potential buyers to make a selection of the works they would like to see during their visit of the workshop, before making their final choice – an opportunity that buyers would not have at a real gallery or art fair, where the number of presented works is limited.

By creating this online gallery, the point is not to sell my paintings online. It remains essential that potential buyers see the work that they desire to acquire in person.

The virtual gallery is a communication tool, a shop window, a link between the artist and the outer world.

Nadia Vuillaume