élève de l'artiste peintre nadia vuillaumeThese classes are individual. They are meant for people who already have a strong basic knowledge and autonomy to work by themselves between two meetings with me.
– Help with starting a project
– Advice while in the process of making a painting
– Preparing for a competition (example: Angouleme for comic strips), entrance exam to prestigious art schools, or national competitions with the objective of receiving an award…
– Preparing a collective or personal exhibit
– Starting an artistic career

cours de dessin de l'artiste peintre nadia vuillaumeHere is how I proceed:
– First meeting (about 3 hours) that will define the needs, the amount of work to complete and the deadlines.
– For three weeks, the participant will send me a weekly report on his/her personal work on the project, either by mail or email. Upon receiving each report, I will offer corrections, new directions if necessary, and advice to be applied for the following week.
– On the fourth week, we will meet again at my workshop or at the participant’s home. We will review the progress and adjust the work to continue. I will offer my advice and technical knowledge, and will train the participant to new approaches if necessary.
And so forth until completion of the initial objective.
This can therefore be a relatively long-term partnership, according to whether the participant is looking for support in the making of a painting, the participation in a competition, or the start of an artistic career.

Price per class (so once a month): 80 €

All meetings are fixed and scheduled during our first encounter.
Payment is due at the beginning of each meeting.
In case of cancellation, the session will be charged if not cancelled at least 48 hours in advance.
I remind you that this system of coaching can only work if the participant is meticulous and serious with his/her weekly reports and our monthly meetings.

Group and Individual classes/training course:

I offer classes on the discovery of new techniques of expression related to drawing and painting, from mere introduction to in-depth teaching, or just to improve your skills. It is absolutely not necessary to “know” how to draw. I am the one who provides the knowledge.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like to request classes for yourself, a child, a teenager, alone or as a group, or if you wish to organize a training within a community.

Nadia Vuillaume