Arts-Sciences-Lettres Bronze Medal, Paris. The ASL academic society created in 1915 by René Flament and sponsored by the highest leading figures in arts, sciences and literature, is designed to recognize and promote men and women who, by their talent and their work, make culture radiate in the world.

International Art Award « Beato Angelico »: high recognition for personalities of the world of Art, Science and Culture, Italy.

Ambassador in favor of Human Rights in the World: title conferred upon nomination to the 2016 Special Human Rights Award in homage to Paolo VI, the Pope of the Humanity, Italy.

FUSION, Rembrandt oil on canvas, Triptych, 30ʺ X 30ʺ, Genre scene/Figurative.

JULIETTE, Rembrandt oil on canvas, 39.37" X 39.37", Still life/Figurative.

CONFLICT, Rembrandt oil on canvas, 31"X 31", Portrait/Figurative.

THE RISING FROM THE ABYSS, Mixed technique on canvas, 15.7" X 15.7", Genre scene/Figurative.

THE RED BLOUSE, Rembrandt oil on canvas, 18,11" X 21,65", Portrait/Figurative.

Portrait (custom-made order), Rembrandt oil on canvas, 19.70" X 25.60", Portrait/Figurative