nadia vuillaume atiste peintre

Nadia Vuillaume was born at the beginning of the sixties, in the countryside of Normandy, where she grew up. This context allowed her to be in contact with nature, a rhythm of life linked to the earth and the seasons. The little entertainment found there gave her the chance to immerse herself in both things and people, to observe and walk through life with her eyes wide open, to dramatically increase her already intense sensibility. As a child, she remembers spending long hours seating on the steps that led to the back yard, just watching the lights sweeping the far hills. This is when she developed her inventive mind, which later led her to write scenarios, receive the “Bronze Phylactery” for her participation in a national comic strip fair, and open with success the first workshop for “introduction and training to the making of comic strips” in the Paris area, outside of the existing national schools.
This juvenile period of her life, made of dreams, fantasy and poetry, did not give her the will to pursue long studies but rather to transcribe her spiritual changes through pictorial representation. For her, the trigger was a drawing class that she took at the age of 14. This is when she realized her first oil painting. Her relatives were far from enthused by her calling. Painting as a hobby, yes, as a profession, that was not an option!
The painting “Invitation to Leisure” created in 2012, and the series that came afterwards, were inspired of that time when, protected from the outside world and its vicissitudes, she could let her imagination drift without any tie or constraint.

After a transition period during which she traveled, got married and became a mother –but never lost this need and absolute necessity to create-, Nadia Vuillaume came back to the visual arts. She then entered the workshops of a painter and a sculptor who nourished her with their knowledge without ever modifying her personal approach and signature.
It is with them that she understood the whole importance of mastering the technique while expressing her creativity without constraints or prejudices. Art cannot exist without freedom. It is based on this principle that she taught visual arts for twenty years in schools and community workshops.

Nadia Vuillaume has been exercising her profession as an artist full time since 2010. Exhibits and fairs follow one another. In parallel, she works as an art coach.
Her preferred medium has always been the oil, with which it has been a love story before anything else. The brush touching this unctuous paste, the encounter with the canvas, the smell of diluents…

In 2013, an artistic director wrote: “A subtle transcription of reality springs from the colors, driven by a desire of balance and harmony. In Nadia Vuillaume’s work, the accurate and precise drawing asserts itself through the lines that structure the shapes of objects and cities, magnified by clearly-marked and contrasted colors. There is no excess of realism in these creations that find a fair balance between figuration and a more-or-less allegoric expression. Lines push the space structure to its extreme, creating a nearly-cubic form of abstraction transcended by colors … In her compositions with imaginary geometry and shimmering colors, the artist passes on her spiritual and sensitive view of the World.”

« Meditation », which was created in 2014, is at the origin of her encounter with poetess Maria Torrelli, who proposed her for the Raffaello Sanzio Award, a high recognition in the art world, in Italy. Maria wrote: “Nadia Vuillaume’s painting, full of originality and emotions, leads us into a world of discovery, where poetry and questioning meet…”
This beautiful encounter, this award given by Italy and this artistic recognition, encourage her to be sincere and faithful in her commitments and in pursuing her work.