Cotation Vuillaume Nadia
The selling price

attributed to a painting depends on truly objective criteria, such as the technique used (oil, watercolor, acrylic…), the painting’s dimensions, the experience and renown of its author, the amount of both personal and collective exhibits in which the artist participated, the number of press articles and important books about him/her, the existence of a website dedicated to his/her art, his/her training (art school, autodidact) …

The valuation is a price per dot.
Namely, a dot on a canvas mounted on a wooden frame corresponds to one square centimeter on the canvas.
For most living artists, those valuations are however not very realistic. Indeed, they are based on prices given during public, national or international, auction sales. Yet, most sales are made by mutual agreement, outside of any official structure. Even worse, some valuations are simply the result of rigged auction sales organized by unprincipled institutes.
Although it is often considered as a price standard, the interpretation of the public sale valuation needs to be grasped with extreme caution.

As for me, in 2013, my selling price per dot was 23 €. Today, it is worth 82 €. This defines the average price but by no means can this dictate the selling price. Other parameters get added to it, for instance if the sale is made directly in the artist’s workshop or during art fairs, exhibits or in a gallery, or even if the painting has been framed.

It is important to remember that a properly-made painting never depreciates. It can only gain value.

Buying a work from a certified artist allows you to obtain the value of the property acquired in case of accident and other benefits. Click on the link to read it : expert convention of the contemporary painter vuillaume nadia

Nadia Vuillaume